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‘School days are your best days!’

To mark the retirement of one of our alumni students and employees, a group of our students interviewed Mr Agar. Here our Sixth Form Student, Emily Harrison, reports.

Mr Agar takes us down memory lane as he retires 55 years after joining Holderness as a student! 

Mr Agar began his time at Holderness in 1967, a place he remembers back then as ‘often intimidating and not without its bullies’. Every day started with a full assembly with all the teachers on the stage in their caps and gowns looking down upon the first years at the front. 


Mr Agar studied subjects like History, Geography and Rural Science; a subject he especially enjoyed as he lived on a farm himself. There used to be a gardening area on site and a potting shed which he was trusted to go into during break times. However, young Agar saw this as an opportunity to create mischief. Sparrows would often go inside the potting shed and one day he captured some of these sparrows. ‘Sparrows were in abundance back in the late 60's and I caught them in a large greenhouse that joined onto the potting shed.’ Mr Agar shared. He took the sparrows in a cardboard box into room 11. The classrooms were a lot different, the desk lids would lift up and the textbooks would be underneath.  He carefully placed a sparrow into each desk. After the break had finished, all the students went to their classes. Mr Agar was in room 11. The students entered the classroom and everyone went to their seats, the lesson began and the students were told to get out their books. Then as they all opened the desks the classroom was swarmed with sparrows. However, the only desk without a sparrow was Mr Agar’s; a school boy error that meant he didn’t go without punishment! . 

Mr Agar looking at an archived picture of the school in its early days.

A highlight of the day was the school dinners, especially when you graduated to Head and Deputy Head of table; second helpings of the pink custard with chocolate pudding were a regular perk of the job! 


Mr Agar went on to become a lorry driver later in his life, but being away from home meant that he didn't get to see much of his family. It was then that he saw a two year job opportunity at this school and decided to take it. He was loved by everyone at school and once the two year period was over a role became available for him in the DT department. He has spent many years ensuring supplies are ready, checking materials and maintaining machinery. What he has enjoyed most is giving ideas and advice to students who show a genuine interest in the subject and working with them to see them realise their ideas. 


We asked him what advice he would give to a Holderness Learner and he said “enjoy every minute of school, as it's the best days of your life”. He also said that the one thing that impresses him most about the students at this school is their good behaviour and attitude.


Mr Agar has been an important member of our academy and he will be greatly missed by everyone. We hope he enjoys his retirement and new adventures being Pappa Bear to his newly born grandchild. 

Mr. Agar holding the original badge of the school from the 20th Century, pictured with our school counsellors.