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Road Safety event

The East Riding Road Safety team has handed out bike lights and helmets to year 12 and 13 students at Holderness Academy.

The pupils watched an hour-long theatrical presentation called Braking Point. Funded by Safer Roads Humber, it focused on the responsibilities of being a young driver or passenger and the potential consequences of risk-taking behaviour.

The project aims to reach young people who are considered a high risk category as they learn to drive and are passengers with other young and inexperienced drivers.

Workshop topics included the use of music and mobile phones, distracting the driver, peer pressure, and the dangers of alcohol and speed.

Education manager Simon Fallon, of Performance in Education, said: “Braking Point positively changes attitudes and behaviours in young drivers and passengers by investigating ‘low-level’ risks and passenger responsibility, leaving a legacy of safe and responsible road use. It is really important that we keep our young people safe and seen and thinking about their own road safety as pedestrians and road users. We continue to work on this throughout the year with our Active Travel Ambassadors who strive to increase sustainable travel."