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Aspirational Alfie!

A year 8 pupil at Holderness Academy has continued his efforts to support the Hedon Food Bank, saying he has made it his “mission” to make sure no one in the area goes hungry this winter.

In October, Alfie Jewitt was celebrated by staff at the school and the Hedon Community Food Bank for his commitment to supporting volunteers and users at the facility. Alfie was inspired to volunteer after hearing about the vital work the food bank did to support people in the community.

Alfie spoke to the Holderness Gazette and said “I have made it my mission to try to make sure no one in the area goes hungry this year, and this is how my fundraising came about. I am delighted that I was able to help replenish the stock at the Hedon Community Food Bank.”

Sarah Rommell of Hedon Food Bank said: “Alfie is a great asset to us – he sees a problem and does his best to find a solution. He’s a valuable part of our team."