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Members of the Holderness Academy craft club have handed over creations they made to support the Ruben’s Voice Worry Monster Adoption Day. 

A spokesperson for Holderness Academy said: “Students have really enjoyed contributing and have also made worry monsters for learners within the academy. The crafters recognise the importance of crafting for healthy mental health and were excited that it could help others.”

Ruben’s mother Katy Smith, who founded the organisation, said: “We were absolutely delighted to receive 18 beautiful worry monsters for our event, which had been carefully handmade by the craft club at Holderness Academy. The children absolutely loved meeting Father Christmas and choosing their new toy. The worry monsters all have a pocket or mouth and come with a small notepad and poem to explain how they can gobble up all your worries. What a wonderful gift these young people have given to our local children. We really can’t thank them enough.”

Well done to our Holderness Academy learners!