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'The dynamic canine duo'

Learners across the Consortium Academy Trust’s primary and secondary schools are in the lucky position of being supported with their mental health by two wellbeing dogs.

The dynamic duo have become a popular addition amongst children and staff alike in the trust’s schools.

The dogs’ aim is to support the most vulnerable children across the trust’s schools, which include Keyingham Primary School and Holderness Academy, with their mental health and well-being.

"The Dogs are just a really good way of lowering people’s inhibitions. At another of our schools, we have a high cohort of learners who refuse to engage with counselling and intervention, but they will come in because the dogs are there. When they are playing with the dogs they will start to open up and talk."

“If you want to know the key to Marlowe’s heart? He has got a real thing for biscuits, particularly custard creams – custard creams are the best thing in the world to Marlowe!”

Both dogs have now achieved social media fame, and pictures of their adventures are posted on Instagram and Twitter. The pair also like to dress up and can be seen wearing a range of different costumes, usually with a seasonal theme.

The pair will also star in their very own books commissioned by the trust, which will cover a range of issues from bereavement and anxiety to other mental health issues and provide another valuable means of support to vulnerable learners.

Thank you to Claire Cassidy for all of your hard work and support across the trust.