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Career Online Platforms

Career Information and Guidance Platform

At Holderness Academy, we use a range of online platforms to ensure that our students have access to the most up to date careers and labour market information.


Logonmoveon is a careers portal that brings together all local education, training and apprenticeship opportunities in one place. Students can use the portal to research, plan and apply for education and training opportunities. In addition to this, the portal contains lots of useful labour market information, careers resources and information to support your journey towards post 16 and post 18 options.

Morrisby Careers is a platform that provides assessment and guidance resources.  As well as providing students with careers guidance through diagnostic testing, the platform also provides a vast array of useful labour market information.

Unifrog is an online platform that allows students to explore different career, post-16 and post-18 option course and apprenticeship options. Unifrog brings all the available information into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices and submit the strongest applications.