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Year 12

The Criminology course will enable students to use theories of criminality to analyse criminal situations and make recommendations for policy. Students also develop the knowledge and skills to research policy in practice, assess campaigns for change in awareness and examine information to review verdicts in criminal cases. 

The Certificate includes Unit 1 Changing Awareness of Crime (internal assessment); and Unit 2 Criminological Theories (external assessment). 

The Diploma includes both Certificate units; plus, Unit 3 Crime Scene to Courtroom (internal assessment); and Unit 4 Crime and Punishment (external assessment). 

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to: 

Unit 1-  

LO1 Understand how crime reporting affects the public perception of criminality.  

LO2 Understand how campaigns are used to elicit change. 

LO3 Plan campaigns for change relating to crime. 

Unit 2-  

LO1 Understand social constructions of criminality.  

LO2 Know theories of criminality. 

LO3 Understand the causes of criminality. 

LO4 Understand the causes of policy change. 

Unit 3 - 

LO1 Understand the process of criminal investigations.  

LO2 Understand the process for prosecution of suspects.  

LO3 Be able to review a criminal case. 

Unit 4 - 

LO1 Understand the criminal justice system in England and Wales.  

LO2 Understand the role of punishment in a criminal justice system.  

LO3 Understand the measures used in social control. 

Year 13