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Certificate and Diploma in Criminology (WJEC)

Aims of the course:

Criminology is a subdivision of the larger field of Sociology. It draws from knowledge of Psychology, Law, Anthropology, Biology and Statistics to explain the causes of crime and the prevention of criminal behaviour.

Staff Position
Miss Fisher Teacher

Course Content: 

Year 12

Year 13

Unit 1- Changing Awareness of Crime (Coursework)

Unit 2- Criminological Theories (Exam)

Unit 3- Crime Scene to Courtroom (Coursework)

Unit 4- Crime and Punishment (Exam)



The course comprises: 50% Exam; 50% Coursework

Career Pathways:

This qualification supports access to a number of higher education courses, including but not restricted to:

·         BSc Criminology

·         BA Criminology

·         BA Criminology and Criminal Justice

·         BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology

·         LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology

·         BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology

·         BA (Hons) Criminology

·         BSc (Hons) Psychology and  Sociology

·         BSc Criminology with Law

Alternatively, the qualification allows learners to gain the required understanding and skills to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice system, e.g. The National Probation Service, the Courts and Tribunals Service or the National Offender Management Service.


Criminology has a history of excellent grades at Holderness Academy and Sixth Form College. This course started in 2015, and last year the Diploma and Certificate had a 100% pass rate. The Diploma even had 40% of the students achieving A/A* grades. This has led to many students securing a place at university to study a variety of degree programmes. Criminology has UCAS points identical to A Level subjects and is graded A-E.


Katie M - awarded an A in Criminology in 2016-18 - currently studying Criminology at the University of Hull.

Lauren T- awarded a B in Criminology  2016-18-  currently studying Criminology and Law at the University of Hull.

Ellie H- a B in Criminology 2016-18- currently studying Law with Criminology at the University of Hull.

Amy G - Studied Criminology 2015-2017- currently studying Criminology at the University of Hull

Kathryn W- Studied Criminology 2015-2017- currently studying Forensic Science at Liverpool John Moores University.


Students can progress to Degree-level courses in this subject, with over 911 Courses from 142 different universities available.


Groups will have the opportunity to visit the National Justice Museum, Nottingham.

Encourage your son /daughter to:

-          Complete practice exam questions;

-          Use the study sessions effectively;

-          Use Google Classroom.

Where required, passwords have been provided to students directly.  For further support please contact the school.