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Health and Social Care

  Health and Social Care 
Year 10

The BTEC Tech award in Health and Social Care offers an opportunity for students to develop skills and knowledge in the growth and development of individuals, the aspects of working in health and social care and also how individuals with health and wellbeing issues are diagnosed and treated. 

The course is split into 3 parts: 

  • Component 1 – human lifespan development.  

  • Component 2 – health and social care services and values 

  • Component 3 health and wellbeing. this year to learn about how the body grows and develops over a series of “life stages”  

We will investigate how external factors may affect how an individual grows and develops and the effects of different life events on individuals. They will be able to distinguish between an expected and unexpected life event. 

We will lastly investigate the difference between expected and unexpected life circumstances and how people deal with major life events. 

Year 11

Students are building on knowledge from year 10 and looking into factors that affect health and well being.  They will prepare themselves for the exam in February. 

For the component 3 exam students apply performances, skills and techniques in response to a give health and social care scenario. 

For the component 2 internally assessed piece the students will be expected to develop and apply skills such as: evaluating how a services users’ needs are met and the barriers to accessing those services, practical demonstration of care values, together with the ability to reflect on own performance. 

Year 12

Students will be assessed by way of the following Assessment Objectives: 

Unit 10 LAA/ LAB: Report 1 Sociological perspectives in H&SC  

Unit 10 LAC Report 2: Inequalities in H&SC 

Unit 2: Working in Health and Social Care, written exam set and marked by Pearson 

Year 13

Learners are able to explore familiar applications of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development across the human lifespan, factors affecting human growth and development and effects of ageing. Learners can use research with relevance to given situations related to human development theories/models and factors affecting human growth and development. They can select and organise information using appropriate knowledge and concepts about theories/models in relation to human development, factors affecting human growth and development and effects of ageing. learners will determine the level of impact that the roles and responsibilities of three members of the multidisciplinary team from the case studies have in meeting individual support needs, and how organisations work together to commission and provide care for individuals. Learners must show that they understand how support from different disciplines can be combined to provide a full package of care for the individuals.