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Extended Learning Tasks

This academic year has seen the launch of Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College’s Extended Learning Task (ELT) initiative. ELTs replace what was previously known as homework and are learning activities students complete beyond the classroom that supports their achievement and is an extension of our planned curriculum. We believe the ELT initiative will foster independence and resilience, which extends beyond the traditional learning environment at Holderness Academy.  

The Extended Learning Task objectives are to:  

  • Promote independent learning and develop students’ learning skills 

  • Develop and extend students’ learning, knowledge, understanding and application 

  • Encourage good learning habits to support achievement in all Key Stages, lifelong learning and to stimulate independent study 

  • Provide parents/carers with opportunities to support and share in their child's learning 

  • Contribute to raising levels of achievement and building better learner expectations  

  • Embed and revisit learning to promote recall and retrieval 

To ensure a positive working relationship between staff, students and parents/carers, please see the key responsibilities on the next page, to support the completion of Extended Learning Tasks. 

All teaching staff will: 

  • Ensure students record the ELTs in their planner 

  • Ensure that adequate time is given to complete ELTs, which allows students to seek help/assistance before the deadline if required 

  • Record, on Class Charts, any ELT related issues (linked to the Behaviour Policy) appropriately and discuss these with the students and the Head of Faculty – 80% and above is deemed as completion of the ELT

  • Give regular feedback on ELT, in line with the principles of our Assessment and Feedback policy 

  • Ensure ELTs for SEND students are relevant, accessible and differentiated 

All students should: 

  • Record ELTs in their planners and seek help before the deadline, to ensure their understanding to complete the task

  • Demonstrate a commitment to spending an allocated time completing the tasks set 

  • Complete all ELTs set to the best of their ability 

  • Maintain a high standard of presentation for all ELTs

  • Hand the ELTs in on time  

The role of the parent/carer is to:  

  • Aim to provide a reasonably peaceful, suitable environment in which your child can complete their ELT

  • Praise and support your child when ELTs have been completed and reward on Class Charts 

  • Expect deadlines to be met and check that they are 

  • Sign the student planner once a week 

  • Inform the academy if any issues arise 

Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 

We understand that our young people need time outside of school to be young people and to enjoy their time away from school to spend with family, friends and participate in their hobbies and interests. Therefore, as a guide, we encourage our students to spend approximately 15 – 20 minutes at KS3 and 30 minutes at KS4 per subject a week, completing theELTs that have been set.  

Please use the link below to view the frequency table of the ELT allocations for each subject:

Extended Learning - Task Timetable

Key Stage 5  

Students will receive at least four ‘face to face’ learning sessions for each course in Year 12 and 13 per week, which MUST be supported by independent study. The rationale is that sixth form students develop research skills, resilience and independence in their study techniques to ensure they are successful in their Level 3 studies, and to prepare for life beyond the sixth form.  

It is expected that appropriate research, question or collaborative tasks will be undertaken during independent study and that, where appropriate, this activity is directly linked to the next taught session with feedback being given where required (either verbal or written). 

It is the expectation that students will do at least as much study for their Level 3 courses at home as in school. This should be evidenced in wider reading around the subject and in activities set formally as ELTs.

Online Platforms 

We have invested in online platforms to support with learning beyond the classroom. Currently, we use Seneca (Key Stage 3 – Key Stage 5), Tassomai (Key Stage 4 – English) and Everlearner (Key Stage 4 – Physical Education). 

Please see below information that will support you and your child with the use of Seneca. 

Student platform Overview ( 

Make the most out of Seneca -for parents ( 

Connect a parent account.pdf 

Seneca - letter to parents.pdf 

Parent Infographic .pdf  

We will be introducing the online platform, Educake, during the spring term. Please see below information that will support you and your child with the use of Educake. 

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