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We believe our primary focus of teaching should be to foster independence and resilience, which extends beyond the traditional learning environment within school. Independent study or homework, is learning that students do beyond the classroom that supports their achievement. It is an extension of our planned curriculum.

The homework objectives are to:

• promote independent learning and develop students' learning skills

• develop and extend students’ learning, knowledge, understanding and application

• encourage good learning habits to support achievement in all Key Stages and beyond

• give parents/carers opportunities to support and share in their child's learning

• contribute to raising levels of achievement and building better learner expectations

When setting valuable homework tasks teachers will:

• provide appropriate time for tasks to be completed to a high quality (homework activities will never     be set for completion the following school day)

• monitor task completion and quality of work, with appropriate sanctions and parental contact

• mark and assess tasks in the most appropriate way

• dedicate class time to setting tasks and providing quality feedback (written or verbal)

• record completion and assessment ensuring students are clear of the sanction for non-completion

• allocate appropriate achievement points as part of our whole school reward system for high quality,     above and beyond homework

Homework promotes independence, supports class learning, prepares for future learning, consolidates learning, develops subject specific skills, is personalised and can engage parents and families together.