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Our Vision & Values

"To inspire and empower young people to make a positive difference today; ready for tomorrow."


What it means to be a Holderness Learner

We aim to deliver a broad aspirational curriculum alongside enriching extra-curricular provision.  We are eager to provide students with tangible, genuine and invaluable experiences by working with our local community. We endeavour to consistently herald the qualities that we recognise as being essential for the future success of the Holderness Learner; Aspiration, Resilience, Respect and Kindness.


Holderness Learner Values

The Holderness Learner has four strands linked to our core values:


Holderness Explorer - Aspirational

We aim high, complete all work to the best of our ability and support others to achieve the same.

In a changing world, we have to prepare our young learners to achieve great things and compete locally, regionally, nationally or internationally for the future. Our curriculum is designed to give the best exposure to learning opportunities both in and outside of school. As a school, your child will be challenged on an 'I can't do it' attitude to encourage a change in mindset where they learn to think 'I cannot do it YET!' This mindset will equip students for the challenges they will face in the future. In becoming a Holderness Explorer, students also learn to be ambitious, tolerant and adventurous.


Holderness Scholar - Resilient

We arrive on time to all lessons with the correct uniform, equipment and ready for learning. We never give up and we love a challenge.

At the Academy, we work hard to unlock potential and develop talent at all levels of ability to ensure that everyone does their best, and that no child is left behind. Developing a 'can do' attitude will ensure students do not give up at the first hurdle and thrive in the face of adversity. In becoming a Holderness Scholar, students also learn to be independent, reflective and hardworking.



Holderness Leader - Respectful

We respect ourselves, all members of our school and wider community, following instructions without question or answering back.

We have high expectations of student's behaviour. We expect that our students look for the good in others and to be honest and trustworthy. This is essential to allow learning and progress. In becoming a Holderness Leader, students also learn to be caring, proud and honest.





Holderness Collaborator - Kind

We value good manners. We are friendly, generous and considerate.

We want to make sure every young person is a happy, confident individual who feels valued so they can make a positive contribution during their time at Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College. Students will face their most significant physical, mental and social changes of their lives during their time with us. Our pastoral programme is designed to support with these changes. In becoming a Holderness Collaborator, students will also learn to be articulate, confident and enthusiastic.