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Parent/Carer Payments

Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College is a cashless school. This means that we are unable to accept cash or cheque payments. Any money parents/carers need to pay to the academy (such as for dinner money and school trips) should be paid through an online School Gateway account.  Details of how to set up an account are shown below. Once an account is set up, parents/carers can download and use the School Gateway app on any smart phone.

Aside from saving the Academy time and money on administration, School Gateway also makes it easier for parents/carers to make payments and reduces the amount of cash being carried by children on school premises. Payments can be made online or via the App at any time. 


Set up instructions

  1. Go to  
  2. When you visit the School Gateway website for the first time, please select ‘New User’ and enter the email address and mobile telephone number you have registered with Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College
  3. The system will send a PIN to your phone; please enter this PIN and your account will be activated  for you.

If you have a smartphone you can download the School Gateway App from the app store (Android & iPhone). The App is free and displays the same information as the website.

Please note, the parent/carer email address and mobile phone number used to set up a School Gateway account must match that which is held against a student’s record in school.

If you experience problems setting up an account, or you have recently changed your email address or  mobile telephone number, please contact us by emailing