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A Level Psychology (AQA)

Aims of the course:

This course explores the scientific study of human behaviour.  It develops skills in evaluation, application to the real world, research methods, data analysis and interpretation.

Course Content:

In Year 12 students complete the following AS Units:

·         Social Influence                                              

·         Memory

·         Attachment

·         Approaches in Psychology

·         Biopsychology

·         Psychopathology

·         Research methods

In Year 13 students will complete the additional units for the A Level course:

·         Issues & debates

·         Forensic Psychology

·         Stress

·         Relationships


The course comprises:

·         100% Examination

Encourage your son /daughter to:

·         Access the AQA Psychology website and complete practice papers

·         Read around the subject:

o   Using the textbook provided on the course

o   Using the simply psychology and tutor2U websites

o   BPS, Psychology today and Psychology review can be read online and will develop knowledge and understanding of the wider issues in Psychology.