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A Level Psychology (AQA)

Aims of the course:

This course explores the scientific study of human behaviour.  It develops skills in evaluation, application to the real world, research methods, data analysis and interpretation.

Staff Position
Miss Allen Teacher

Course Content:

In Year 12 students complete the following AS Units:

·         Social Influence                                              

·         Memory

·         Attachment

·         Approaches in Psychology

·         Biopsychology

·         Psychopathology

·         Research methods

In Year 13 students will complete the additional units for the A Level course:

·         Issues & debates

·         Forensic Psychology

·         Stress

·         Relationships


The course comprises:

·         100% Examination

Encourage your son /daughter to:

·         Access the AQA Psychology website and complete practice papers

·         Read around the subject:

o   Using the textbook provided on the course

o   Using the simply psychology and tutor2U websites

o   BPS, Psychology today and Psychology review can be read online and will develop knowledge and understanding of the wider issues in Psychology.