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Religious Studies

Religious Studies A level

Why is this subject so valuable?

Religious Studies provides you with life skills as well as academic skills. It shows you understand the world, life and people - every job needs this. It gives meaning, purpose and understanding to life. It covers moral issues in the light of different religious, agnostic and atheistic viewpoints. It allows you to acquire and develop skills that universities and employers look for.

Specific requirements

No prior knowledge required for this A level course. Anyone of any or no religious persuasion can take it. A level 5 or above in GCSE English is required.


Three written examinations. Each examination is 2 hours 100% of overall grade.

Where does it lead?

The skills and knowledge you obtain will set you apart when you apply for higher education or employment. It shows you are academic and well-rounded. This subject can lead to a career in:

Law, Counselling, Teaching and/or Lecturing, Criminology, Medicine, Child/Adult Psychology, Social Services, Police Force, Management, Business and many more.