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Students learning at home

Provision for learning

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10


Julius Caesar:
Boy Everywhere: 
Modern Novel
19th Century Fiction: 
Sign of Four 
19th Century Literature
Intro/Revision/Preparation for Novel 
Power in ancient Rome (
Character types and function (
Writing skills: using symbolism (
Characterisation and narrative voice - English Language revision


Power and Energy
Cellular organisation: Organs and organ systems
Atomic Structure
Please complete your Physics revision on Seneca in preparation for your Physics CAE


We strongly recommend spending this hour completing Sparx, ensuring all previous compulsory homework is fully completed then moving onto the target and boost sections, which are personalised to each student.  Quick Cover (
(The link above takes you to work that can be downloaded and attached)

Contacting the Academy

If you need to contact the academy you can do so by emailing us at: