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Central to the philosophy and culture of Holderness Academy is the celebration of success. We believe it is important for all teachers to praise students, which includes contacting parents, as a matter of routine. Such spontaneous day-to-day praise is the foundation on which relationships can be made. 

Behaviours that are to be rewarded are representative of our vision and values such as being ambitious, adventurous, aspirational, kind, caring, independent, reflective, hardworking, enthusiastic, confident, resilient, honest, proud, respectful and tolerant. 

In Lessons

Every member of staff in the academy can log rewards online via Classcharts in order to be able to give immediate praise and reward to our students who display work, or behaviours, that the classroom teacher wants to see. See ‘Attitude of a Holderness Learner’ and refer to the description for engaging and excelling students. 

Out of Lessons 

Members of staff can give rewards and immediate praise to our students who display behaviours that uphold our values and contribute to the culture of Holderness Academy whilst moving around the site. This can be done by communicating this with the student and at a later convenient time logging the behaviour on Classcharts. 

Tutor Rewards

  • A student who receives no written warnings for the previous week will receive 3 Form Tutor Stamps. This is done manually in form time by the tutor. 

  • Students will receive 5 stamps for a full week's attendance. This is done automatically as part of the PD lesson. 


Students can spend their stamps at the Positive Discipline Shop located online on the student Classcharts app.


Students are rewarded for exceptional behaviour and attitudes towards the academy values. Teachers will award students with Holderness Learner Aspirational, Respectful, Resilient and Kind awards via Classcharts. Postcards will be sent home when thresholds are met for Explorer - Scholar - Leader - Collaborator:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

Students will also receive a badge to wear with pride on the lapel of their blazer.



The certificate thresholds for ARRK stamps is:

  • 250 –Bronze

  • 500 –Silver & letter/postcard home

  • 750 –Gold & PL/PM letter home

  • 1000 –Platinum & SLT phone call home

  • 1250 –Diamond Headteacher’s Award

  • 1500 -Governor’s Award

  • 2000 -Chair of Governor’s Award

Students who have gained the required number of rewards will receive a postcard sent home.

Twice a year a Progress Report will be sent home, this will include information regarding the total number of rewards for each learner. 


At the end of each term staff from each subject area will meet to discuss and nominate students for Personal Progress and Academic Excellence. Certificates will be awarded for nominees, runners-up and the winner. Certificates will be awarded and celebrated in full year assemblies in the final week of term. 

Students with 100% attendance will be rewarded with the following certificates:

  • Bronze- 1 term of 100% attendance

  • Silver- 2 terms of 100% attendance

  • Gold- 3 terms of 100% attendance