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Positive Discipline should be successful in: 

  • increasing the efficiency and the effective use of the Student Planner as a central record of each student’s progress;
  • providing much greater understanding of the discipline process of students, parents/carers, teachers and governors;
  • ensuring that all students, regardless of ability, age and gender are involved, whenever possible, in the process of praise, recognition and rewards;
  • supporting staff in the classroom by ensuring that teachers can get on with teaching children who want to learn and who behave in a satisfactory manner.  Furthermore, teachers will no longer have to suffer constant disruption;
  • making the academy a pleasant learning environment of which we can all be proud.

Central to the philosophy is the right of all teachers to praise students, including contacting parents, as a matter of routine.  Such spontaneous day-to-day praise is a key foundation in all good schools. This is done in a number of ways:


Curriculum and pastoral areas will have selected a stamp to be used by all departmental and year members.  The chosen stamp will be awarded to all students regardless of age, ability or gender provided that they display appropriate levels of commitment, effort, progress and attainment. Students can trade their stamps at the PD Shop for stationery, equipment, vouchers etc.


The Certificate levels for Stamps will be the following: 250 – Bronze;  500 – Silver & letter/postcard home; 1000 – Gold & PL/PM letter home;  1500 – Platinum & SLT phone call home; 2000 – Diamond Headteacher’s Award;  2500 - Governor’s Award; 3000 - Chair of Governor’s Award.


Senior staff will provide a high presence across all year groups during PD lessons. An identified member of the Leadership Team members will operate from their own office and will be available to receive students who are referred to them by Form Tutors.  Students will be sent individually with their Student Planner and, in general, to be praised.


At the end of each term there will be a reward assembly for each year group. In addition, there will be an activities plan for students who have achieved a bronze Certificate or above, met the Academy's attendance target and who have not been excluded, served a period of isolation or missed a school detention.