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Student Bus Services

Our school buses are coordinated through StagecoachEllie Rose Travel and Sioux Travel.


East Riding of Yorkshire

Details of the Council-operated school/college bus routes to Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College, which operate within the East Riding of Yorkshire, can be found by visiting the School Transport  section of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s website. Please direct all travel enquiries regarding these services to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who will have the most up-to-date information on bus routes and help with school transport costs.


The Academy, at its entire discretion, provides and subsidises 2 bus services to transport students from the Hull area to and from the Academy. These services are known as the HA1 and the HA2. 

From September 2023, the HA1/2 buses will be operated by Stagecoach and there will be a slight change to the timings as well as an important change to the payment method for your child to use this service.

Students who pay for their HA1/HA2 transport will need to purchase a Stagecoach KAT card for £1, and then credit this card as and when required.

For 7 consecutive days use, the current fee is £13.50.  (Flat fare, single journey is £2). 

Please note, Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College will no longer be accepting payments for the HA1/HA2 buses; please ensure your child has sufficient funds to purchase and credit their KAT card as and when required.

For an overview of the HA1 &HA2 bus service timetables, please click here.

All buses arrive at the Academy by 08:25 Monday to Friday and depart promptly at 15:10.

Students should go straight to their bus stop at the end of the day. Any students that misses their bus home should contact home. If a student does not have a mobile phone, he/she will be able to use a school phone to speak to a family member and arrange alternative transport.

The late buses leave the Academy at 16:10 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This enables pupils to take part in extra-curricular activities and still have transport home.

It is important for students to be aware of the times, as the buses will not wait for students who are late. 

Behaviour and conduct on School buses

Should a child cause any wilful damage to the any school bus, parents may be obliged to pay for the reasonable costs of repair and a bus ban will be imposed.

All passengers on home to school transport are entitled to travel in a safe environment. Buswise is a partnership between the council, schools, parents, pupils, and local bus companies. This partnership works together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using either the school bus or public transport. The Buswise behavioural guide for students can be found here. Students who misbehave will be dealt with in accordance with the ‘Suspension and Withdrawal of Home to School Transport for Unacceptable Behaviour Parental Guidance document’ which can be found here with further consideration to the Academy’s Behaviour Policy.