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Year 6 Transition

Welcome to Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College. On this page you will find all the relevant information regarding your transition process into Year 7. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all in September!






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Mr Harris - Director of Lower School

Hi. My name is Mr Harris. I am Director of Lower School which means I work very closely with Mrs Day, Mr Beecroft and your tutors. I share an office with Mr Beecroft which is very close to all of your key areas in Lower School such as the Year 7 social area, Year 7 Crofters, the Year 7 playground, the hall and the canteen. This means I am always around to check everything is going well and you are happy in your daily routine.

I teach PE and Geography at Holderness Academy and I do have Year 7 classes in September so I'm looking forward to that! In my spare time I like to keep active and enjoy running and biking. I also love hill walking particularly in the Lake District and the Isle of Arran.

With the Coronavirus lockdown the whole Year 6 transition has been very strange this year with no visits allowed but I do hope the Moving Up Guide, emails, on-line Google Meetings, website and other information you have received have helped.  

You are likely to have a lot of mixed emotions about leaving Primary school and starting Holderness Academy including excitement and probably a few nerves. This is perfectly normal and I'm there with my team to ensure you feel safe and happy.

I look forward to meeting you in September.


Mr Beecroft - Year 7 Progress Leader

Hello, my name is Mr Beecroft and I am the Progress Leader for Year 7. I am also a PE and History teacher. I am genuinely looking forward to meeting you all. Like you, I completed the transition from Inmans to Holderness Academy way back in 1997 as a Year 7. So I know how you all may be feeling right now. I live locally in Hedon and always have. I am really passionate about Holderness Academy and that is the reason why I came back here to teach. I have taught here for nearly ten years now.

There are so many exciting opportunities you can gain from your time here at Holderness Academy, such as the sports tours to Barcelona, Milan and Paris, the Art trip to London or the chance to learn a completely new language or instrument to name a few. 

I am a keen footballer and have played for Hedon Rangers for the last nineteen years. I like a physical challenge and have completed a bungee jump, a marathon and cycled Land’s End to John o’ Groats (the length of the Great Britain) for charity. I am currently planning a new challenge at the minute but you will have to ask me about that when we meet in September. 

Remember, I know exactly what it is like to come from a fairly small Primary School to a large establishment like Holderness Academy. So if you have any problems or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the team. 

We are really excited to meet you and are looking forward to being part of the next chapter in your journey through education.


Mrs Day - Year 7 Pastoral Manager

Hi, my name is Mrs Day and I am really excited about meeting you all when you start your secondary school life with us at Holderness Academy.  I have worked at Holderness Academy for just over 6 years and loved every moment.  I really love my job and truly believe that we provide excellent pastoral support for all of our students. Also, we are really lucky to have our own Year 7 area (where my office is based), playground etc. to support you and I think our year area is the best in the school.

I love to cook, bake, garden, read and spend time with my family and friends.  I am a big Manchester United fan (disappointed about this year's results, but maybe Liverpool are just keeping the top spot warm for us!)

Please try not to worry about starting secondary school, we have a very experienced team ready and willing to support you! We have been sending out lots of information to support your transition to secondary school, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Mr Ziemski - Year 7 Tutor

Hi, my name is Mr Ziemski and I teach Maths at the Academy and I have been here for 15 years. I love teaching Maths, it's a great subject and who doesn’t love numbers and shapes.

If I’m not engaging with anything mathematical my other hobbies include cycling, watching cricket and tending my garden. I have two Chihuahuas, Holly and Mildred, and I love taking them for walkies , although I think I enjoy the walkies more than they do sometimes.

I am looking forward to meeting my new classes and in particular my Year 7 tutor group, we can share our thoughts and talk every morning about school and our other interests.


Mr Wicks - Year 7 Tutor

Hi everyone, my name is Mr Wicks and I have been an English teacher here at Holderness Academy for the past 12 years. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to help, support and guide you through what will be an amazing journey for us all. I am sure that together we will all achieve great things during your time at the Academy. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you.

When I am not at school I love exploring and making memories with my family and when possible I enjoy going fishing, over the years I have travelled far and wide in search of a river monster.

See you all in September.


Miss Bhim-Rao - Year 7 Tutor

Hi everyone. My name is Miss Bhim-Rao and this will be my fifth year teaching at Holderness Academy and Sixth Form College. As an English teacher, I have a huge passion for reading and learning about the world, both past and present.

I’m also a big tennis fan and spend a lot of time watching tennis, alongside other sports such as football and athletics. I love to travel, cook, go for long walks in the countryside and spend time with my daughter. In fact, I enjoy doing lots of different things so I’m sure there will be plenty for us to talk about.

As a tutor and a teacher, I’m a big believer in positivity and creating an environment where we feel happy and safe. In our tutor group, I hope we will work together to treat each other with kindness and respect. Following on from what has been a very tough year, it is now more important than ever that we remain resilient, look after each other and try and make the world a better place.

I’m very excited about becoming a Year 7 tutor and I am looking forward to meeting you all!


Mr Connolly - Year 7 Tutor

My name is Mr Connolly, I am a Science teacher at Holderness Academy and have been at the school for a long time! I enjoy Science and my room contains toys which I promise I can explain why they are scientific. I also like to get outside as often as possible whether it be gardening, cycling or walking.

I have 2 daughters, one who is currently in year 6 so I know that the change from primary to secondary can be a bit stressful. I am sure that we will get along and that you will enjoy your time at the academy. I look forward to meeting you and I am pretty sure we will have the best tutor group in the year!


Mrs Benson - Year 7 Tutor

Hi everyone, my name is Mrs Benson and I’m a Science teacher and I’ve worked here at Holderness Academy since 2014. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In my spare time I like to travel. Before becoming a teacher in 2008 I worked in the chemical and textile industry which enabled me to visit lots of interesting places all around the world. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all settle in, get to know each other and make new friends. We will do all we can to make sure you settle well into life at Holderness Academy and make your time here as enjoyable as possible.


Miss Jarvis - Year 7 Tutor

Miss Jarvis is a History teacher at Holderness Academy and she is currently on maternity leave. She will be joining the Year 7 Tutor Team on her return.





Mrs Olsen - Year 7 Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m Mrs Olsen and I have been an English Teacher at Holderness Academy for 8 years. 

When I’m not at school I love to be outdoors and spend a lot of time running, walking with my Cocker Spaniel, Jet, and watching my children play sports. I also love to travel and explore new places with my friends and family.

I’m really excited to meet you all and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone - I know we’re going to be a great tutor group and have a brilliant time together over the next 7 years.

See you all in September!


Mrs McCubbin - Year 7 Tutor 

Hi Everyone. My name is Mrs McCubbin and I am a PE teacher at Holderness Academy. Some of you may recognise me for my role as the Schools Sports Coordinator and many of you may have attended some of the sporting events I have held at Holderness Academy.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September and helping you settle in and enjoy your time here.



Miss Hairsine - Year 7 Tutor 

Hello, I am Miss Hairsine and this will be my first year teaching at Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College, so I am delighted that you will be my first tutor group. I know you will feel nervous for your first day at the school but this will be my first day too, so do not worry as we will all be feeling the same as we will all be starting our high school journey together. As well as your tutor, I am also a History teacher. My favourite aspect of history is that we are constantly learning about what has happened in the past and how it has developed over time. I cannot wait to speak to you all and find out what your hobbies are and what subject you like the most. My favourite hobbies are baking and being creative by upcycling furniture. I also like running and going for long walks with my family.

In our tutor group, I hope you feel comfortable and safe to share your ideas, to promote positivity and respect others, by doing this we can work together to succeed. The last few months have been very challenging, so I hope we continue to look after each other and keep positive.

I am so happy to become a Year 7 tutor and I cannot wait to meet every single one of you!

Have a really good summer, stay safe and I will see you all in September to start your next chapter of learning.








Here at Holderness Academy we take pride in our students' uniform and have clear expectations that encourages students to feel proud to be a part of Holderness Academy. Wearing our uniform gives every student a sense of identity, equality and discipline as a member of the Holderness Academy community.

You can find a copy of our Uniform Policy here

Our Academy uniform can be purchased from Rawcliffes in store and online:

9-11 Paragon Street
01482 223539











The Academy’s admission arrangements follow the guidance contained in the East Riding of Yorkshire Schools guide for parents. All parents must apply to their home authority.

East Riding residents may apply on line on using the quick link ‘Apply for a School Place’. Those East Riding parents who choose not to apply online will receive an application form from the Authority.




If you have any queries regarding your Son/Daughter's transition process into Year 7 please do not hesitate to contact us via email: